Sweet on YouSweet on You

2023-05-30 18:38 0 1918
【片名】: Sweet on You
【地区】: 美国
【影片年代】: 2023
【导演】: 玛拉·索科洛芙
【主演】: 海莉·达芙 / 罗勃·梅耶斯 / Chelsea Alden / rudy martinez / 詹姆斯·肖安科林 / alex mortensen / natalie hill / blake boyd / laynie mitchell / david storrs / Carl Weintraub / ryan ann rosenberg / jessie serpas / 布莱恩·诺兰 / talita maia / 玛拉·索科洛芙
【imdb】: tt23785162
【评分】: 6.8 0 (0人评分)


Kate owner of the town's famous pie shoppe has always lived a sweet, simple life. She recently lost her mother and has been trying to pick up the pieces of her
life, then she meets Drew who is in town to claim land that he inherited.