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【片名】: Dawn
【地区】: 美国
【影片类型】: 剧情
【影片年代】: 2018
【导演】: cynthia a l cherry
【主演】: erin nordseth / patrick vann / michael sigler / raian stanley / janeva sharps / rowan titus / debra ovall / kathy sanders / tony claiborne / christabel fitzgerald / michael t. dean / sarah kate / michelle lewis / tony merritt / shakara wheeler / suzanne r. neff / steve ray / trish lassinger
【imdb】: tt7919426
【评分】: 4.6 0 (0人评分)


A reserved woman executive begins having vivid dreams about a young girl she hardly knows being brutally murdered. As the dreams intensify, she calls the police
and two skeptical detectives are called in. Her husband is the last person to believe her, but the first person she begins to suspect. Then, one of the
detectives begins to have the same dreams..