Got my Hustle UpGot my Hustle Up

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【片名】: Got my Hustle Up
【地区】: 美国
【影片类型】: 剧情
【影片年代】: 2018
【导演】: jason dbks hampton
【主演】: 迈克尔·布莱克森 / jason dbks hampton / bambi johnson / meech jones / anthony mclemore / teona miller / boo pac / murda pain / ceo peso / tom smedley / double dose twins / travis deshone ward / Jamal Woolard
【imdb】: tt9372746
【评分】: 5 0 (0人评分)


Got My Hustle Up is about a young man forced to grow up quickly after his father is killed. Growing up fast in Dayton, OH he's surrounded by violence and the
drug life. He wants to be a good father to his son but struggles to support him on his salary as a pest control technician. Jason and his partner Boo Pac find
themselves dealing with crazy customers and a crooked boss. Eventually he's face to face with the man responsible for his father's death. Jason wonders if the
gaining money, power and respect are worth more than loyalty to his father.