Interstate 60: Episodes of the RoadInterstate 60: Episodes of the Road

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【片名】: Interstate 60: Episodes of the Road
【地区】: 美国
【影片年代】: 2002
【导演】: Bob Gale
【主演】: 詹姆斯·麦斯登 / 加里·奥德曼 / 库尔特·拉塞尔 / 马修·爱迪生 / paul brogren / Wayne Robson / Michael J. Fox / Melyssa Ade / john bourgeois / roz michaels / Amy Stewart / Christopher Lloyd / Jonathan Whittaker / 马克·卢茨 / krista leis / michael rhoades
【imdb】: tt0165832
【评分】: 7.7 0 (0人评分)


Neal Oliver is a young artist| but his father doesn't like his choice and wants him to go to Oxford. Everything changes after Neal's meeting with O.W.Grant| who
grants exactly one wish per person| as his name suggests. Neal wishes for answers| and so he must travel to the nonexistent Danver by the nonexistent Interstate
60. In this trip he hopes to find the girl of his dreams| following the trail of her photos on the advertising stands along the route. Many encounters await him
ahead. Will he receive what he asked for?