The ScapegoatThe Scapegoat

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【片名】: The Scapegoat
【地区】: 美国
【影片年代】: 1959
【导演】: Robert Hamer
【主演】: Alec Guinness / Bette Davis / Nicole Maurey / Irene Worth / Pamela Brown / annabel bartlett / geoffrey keen / 诺尔·霍莱特 / Peter Bull / Leslie French / 艾伦·韦布 / Maria Britneva / Eddie Byrne / alexander archdale / 彼得·萨利斯
【imdb】: tt0053247
【评分】: 7.2 0 (0人评分)


On a vacation in France from his nondescript job and life| John Barratt encounters a titled but impoverished French nobleman who looks exactly like him. The
nobleman gets John drunk| and switches places with him to take a breather from his failing business and too-complicated life. John tries to convince everyone he
is not who they think he is| but he begins to get more and more involved with the count's family| including an unhappy wife| domineering mother| lonely but
talented young daughter| bitter spinster sister and the expected mistress. As John gets to know them he feels he can help them with their problems| but is also
becoming used to his borrowed life| which has given him a purpose for the first time.