The HighwaymanThe Highwayman

2022-05-09 14:58 0 22
【片名】: The Highwayman
【地区】: 美国
【影片类型】: 冒险
【影片年代】: 2022
【导演】: steve lawson
【主演】: francesca louise white / mollie hindle / 西亚伦·戴维斯 / tom hendryk / morgan rees-davies / ben manning / stacey gough / melvyn rawlinson / steven dolton
【imdb】: tt17686944
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Famed highway robber Dick Turpin finds himself on the run in the English countryside having accidentally kidnapped the Earl of Pembroke's feisty daughter,
Elizabeth. As her fiance Winthroppe attempts to track them down, Elizabeth begins to fall for the dashing highwayman, leaving Turpin with no choice but to face
off against Winthroppe in a fight for Elizabeth's heart - and her fortune.