My Kitchen Rules 第九季My Kitchen Rules

2018-04-16 21:21 0 1226
【片名】: My Kitchen Rules
【地区】: 澳大利亚
【影片年代】: 2010
【导演】: Mark Adamson
【编剧】: Grant Osborn
【主演】: Peter Evans / Manu Feildel / Jacqui Gowan / Guy Grossi / Karen Martini / Tobie Puttock
【首播时间】: 2010-02-01
【imdb】: tt1626459
【评分】: 7.2 0.0
【当前季】: 第九季
【集数】: 共 0 集
【标签】: 澳大利亚 / 2010 / 美食 / 真人秀


Channel Seven is heading back to the kitchen - from the makers of the successful cooking series My Restaurant Rules comes a new show – "MY KITCHEN RULES". This new series will travel the country to find Australia’s best home-cooking team. In a unique twist, the teams-of-two in "MY KITCHEN RULES" will do battle from their own kitchens in each State. The aspiring foodies will have to cook up their culinary tricks, quirks and use local ingredients to impress the judges – whose city will rule in the kitchen? The home chefs will also have to transform their home into an instant restaurant for one pressure-cooker night. The competing teams will have to work against the clock to deliver a winning dining experience. Are you passionate about cooking and entertaining? Does YOUR Kitchen Rule?