Frank and AvaFrank and Ava

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【片名】: Frank and Ava
【地区】: 美国
【影片类型】: 剧情 / 历史 / 传记
【影片年代】: 2018
【导演】: Michael Oblowitz
【编剧】: Willard Manus / Rico Simonini
【主演】: 哈利·戴恩·斯坦通 / 埃里克·罗伯茨 / Jacqui Holland / 罗伯特·米亚诺 / 卢卡斯·哈斯 / Eliza Roberts / 乔纳森·斯沃曼 / 安东尼·约翰·邓尼森 / 多米尼克·隆巴多兹 / 罗伯特·康斯坦佐 / 埃德·欧罗斯 / 泰瑞·摩尔 / 尼尔·桑迪兰兹 / Rico Simonini / Emily Elicia Low
【时长】: 110分钟
【imdb】: tt5963314
【评分】: 0.0 0.0 (0人评分)


Frank & Ava joins the wild ride of the tempestuous relationship between icons, Frank Sinatra and Ava Gardner showing their multi-year love affair and subsequent marriage. In 1949, a downcast Frank, his career on the wane because of a faltering voice, a failing marriage, and a tarnished off screen reputation falls in love with rising star, Ava, by consensus, the most beautiful woman in Hollywood. While their love was incandescent, they were hapless as a couple; often pursued by reporters such as Hedda Hopper who played them off against each other in the tabloids; casting Frank as an adulterer and Ava as a home wrecker while Frank!s wife, Nancy Barbato, refused to grant him a divorce. Once married in 1951 the tabloids then paraded their sorted affairs whenever their careers separated them. (Often it was Ava who went off to Europe or Africa to make a movie, leaving Frank behind). In the meantime, Frank, career hanging by a thread, is desperately trying to land the acting job that he ...