Paranormal Sex TapeParanormal Sex Tape

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【片名】: Paranormal Sex Tape
【地区】: 美国
【影片类型】: 恐怖
【影片年代】: 2016
【导演】: Dick Van Dark
【编剧】: Dick Van Dark
【主演】: Darren Munn, Shaine Sherlock, Ricky Stain
【时长】: 71分钟
【上映时间】: 2016-05-24(美国)
【imdb】: tt5533664
【评分】: 0.0 0.0 (0人评分)
【标签】: 恐怖


Based on real events that occurred in Europe in 2010. There are over 25,000 demonic possessions reported each year - many of those claim to be possessed during sexual intercourse. After a steamy night captured on video, a couple watches their sex tape - but they discover something ancient and very evil on the tape, something that's watching them - following them - possessing them.