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【片名】: ruby
【地区】: 美国
【影片类型】: 剧情 / 恐怖
【影片年代】: 1977
【导演】: Curtis Harrington
【主演】: Stuart Whitman / Piper Laurie / Roger Davis
【时长】: 85 分钟
【上映时间】: 1977-06-23
【imdb】: tt0076644
【评分】: 4.8 0.0 (0人评分)
【标签】: 1970S / 惊悚 / 恐怖 / 灵异 / 坏品味 / 补遗 / x264 / tehPARADOX


In 1935, a lowlife mobster, Nikki Rocco, is betrayed and executed in the swampy backwoods as his pregnant gun-moll, Ruby Claire watches. He swears vengeance with his dying breath, and then she suddenly goes into labour. Sixteen years later in 1951, Ruby is now running a drive-in theatre in the backwoods near her home and employs some ex-mobsters. Her 16-year-old daughter, Leslie Claire, is mute and has been since birth. Soon strange and bizarre accidents claim the lives of Ruby's employees, then Leslie begins to show strange behaviour, and then begins to speak... in her dead father's voice. Nikki Rocco possesses his daughter's body and terrorizes Ruby with levitations, telekinesis, maniacal laughing and bizarre sexual aggression.